Health Insurance is an important part of life as it can be very important for your financial and physical health.  With physical health issues occurring at any given time, it is important to have a reliable health insurance plan in place to avoid financial devastation.  Making the right choice for your health insurance is not an easy thing to do when weighing cost and coverage.  The health insurance market has a ton of options to choose from which can be intimidating for someone not familiar with the plans.  One of the biggest brands in health insurance is BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) which offers comprehensive and affordable coverage to people of all backgrounds in the United States.

BlueCross BlueShield has been helping people with their high-quality affordable health plans for close to 100 years.  BlueCross health insurance is known for its excellent healthcare services which has helped to build the trust of its members to know they are covered by a great company.  BlueCross offers ACA marketplace on and off exchange individual/family plans as well as small group and large group plans for businesses.

Blue Cross Health Insurance is one of the more popular options that is available via the ACA health Insurance marketplace exchange.  The ACA is a new law which started on the marketplace in 2014 allowing individual/families and businesses to obtain health insurance at an affordable cost.  It is an online exchange which allows people to shop and compare health insurance plans from a variety of health insurance carriers based on their county residence. These plans are either an open access PPO or managed care HMO depending on the availability for the specific states.  BlueCross has been available since the very first year when the marketplace was launched back in 2014 and has been maintained throughout the years.  Many of its competitors have come and gone on the ACA marketplace and lacked the consistency of BlueCross BlueShield.  The health insurance plans available on the marketplace do not discriminate based on pre-existing health conditions.  Regardless of your health status you are afforded the same right to obtain an affordable BlueCross health plan.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield network of doctors and hospitals is known to be one of the best throughout the United States.  Blue Cross’s comprehensive coverage will cover you for the routine visits such as an annual checkup with your local doctor as well as hospitalization and surgeries with top rated surgeons.  The network spans across the country from the populated metros to the vast rural areas.

BlueCross has long been recognized for their technology which many of their clients have easily learned to access and utilize.  BlueCross has their popular members portal that allows the member to manage prescription cost, find a doctor, telehealth services and many more options to help the member manage their healthcare better.

If you are a BlueCross member you have access to a nurse hotline that is always open year around.  BlueCross recognizes that their members may have a health concern or question after normal business hours and therefore can utilize the nurse hotline at all hours.

My Choice Health Insurance is a licensed health insurance agency that has been contracted by BlueCross BlueShield to help individuals and families in specific states quote and enroll in a BlueCross plan of client’s choice.  The agency has an in-depth amount of knowledge of the BlueCross health plans and makes it much easier for the client to understand the coverage options.  Once the client enrolls in a plan the client can utilize the My Choice customer care team which can help with a variety of issues ranging from billing problems to finding a specific doctor.

In conclusion, overall BlueCross BlueShield is one of the biggest and most popular healthcare carriers in the United States.  With its affordability, comprehensive coverage and innovative mindset BlueCross is second to none when it comes to providing healthcare to millions of Americans from all backgrounds.