Healthcare is a right of all Americans regardless of income status, health, or age.  This blog will take a look into this viewpoint and the impact of “Free Medical Insurance for Adults”.  We will talk about how this affects the Adults who qualify for a free plan and the impact on healthcare overall.

  1. Enhancing Preventative Care – Providing free medical insurance for adults helps those who cannot afford it to be able to get a routine physical or many other preventative services. These types of preventative checkups can help catch health issues early and manage health risks.  Many adults in this situation would typically skip preventive checkups because of the financial cost that they may not be able to afford.  Adults having access to preventative care also helps reduce the financial burden on the healthcare system when a preventable health issue is not addressed and becomes a larger more complex health issue.
  2. Promoting Health Equity – Giving Americans free health insurance regardless of age achieves health equity. This is an equal-opportunity approach that does not discriminate against anyone.  It allows those adults who in the past may have not been given access to healthcare to now have the same freedom to healthcare that those who could always afford it have.  Some Americans are born into or have been living in less fortunate situations and access to free healthcare can be life-changing.

Some adults already have access to free health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace, Medicaid, or Medicare.

  1. ACA Marketplace – The ACA law which passed in 2010 gave Americans who previously could not afford a quality health insurance plan to now be able to. This is achieved through government subsidies based on household income, family size and age.  The subsidies are in the form of a tax credit that reduces your health insurance premium.  In some cases, these subsidies are large enough to offset the total premium and therefore achieve a free health insurance plan.
  2. Medicaid – In some cases adults may qualify for a free Medicaid plan provided by the state they live in which again is based on income. This is an income level below the minimum to qualify for the ACA marketplace subsidies.
  3. Medicare Part A – The hospital insurance of Medicare which is Part A is free to adults aged 65 and older. To qualify you must have worked and paid social security taxes for 40 calendar quarters.

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