When dealing with the uncertainty of your health, it is of the upmost importance to make sure you are protected.  Whether it’s your health that is at risk or the potential for financial devastation, having a high-quality affordable health insurance plan in place can give you protection and peace of mind.  With healthcare costs continuing to go up each year, finding the best affordable health insurance plan can be a challenge.  In this blog we will investigate how you as the consumer can make sure you and your family have the best affordable health insurance plan of your choice.

  1. What are your needs: You need to evaluate what exactly is most important when selecting a health insurance plan.  You will need to think about the age of yourself and family members you are going to get coverage for.  Also, what is the health status of each of you.  Are you looking for just an individual plan or do you need to cover your entire family.  Once you can determine these various factors you will have a much better idea if a specific plan fits your needs. 
  2. What are your Options: One of the fast-growing popular options for affordable health insurance is the ACA Marketplace.  It offers a vast range of health plans ranging from high deductible catastrophic plans to low deductible comprehensive plans.  For those who qualify based on income the ACA Marketplace subsidizes health insurance cost to lower the monthly premium.  In some cases, individuals and families qualify for a plan that is $0. 
  3. Medicaid and Chip: Both of these are governmental programs designed specifically for the lowest income families in America.  These are people that do not make enough to qualify for subsidies on the ACA Marketplace.  
  4. Coverage through your Employer: Some Employers offer their employees the option to enroll in their employer sponsored health insurance.  Typically, the employer will pay for a portion of the employees health insurance premium.  Depending on how the employer has it set up the plans can be very affordable.  In some cases when the coverage is too expensive the employee may have the option to instead enroll in the ACA marketplace with a qualifying subsidy to reduce the cost.

Enrolling in the best affordable health insurance plan is very important for you and your family to maintain financial security and good health.  It is important to take the time to see what you qualify for and stay protected.